Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Slightly sick of years of paying $45pp for High Tea each May (and alarmed at a guest list of 10+) I decided to host my own this Mother's Day. It was our first event in our new place and was a complete success! Any one just starting life with marriage, kids and setting up homes... Continue Reading →

Lottie’s Room

Turning a house into a home is more than just filling it with furniture. Lottie's room being cosy, functional and easy to tidy is a priority of mine. She loves every doll and toy and book and spends hours playing and putting them in particular cubbies and drawers that mummy isn't allowed to mess up!... Continue Reading →

Temper tantrums at 6am

Surviving the terrible twos by singing the Happy Little Vegemite song. It usually turns Lottie from screaming ball of rage to docile dancing mini human. Other songs to diffuse a Lottie tantrum; You Are My Sunshine, Time for a Check Up (Doc McStuffins) and Angelina Ballerina

Always Happens

It's a panicked moment when my mother-in-law offers to take Lottie overnight 10 minutes after I've put all her good clothes in the wash. Her bag was mostly dresses and hubby was under instruction to explain Lottie doesn't usually sleep in a track suit, I'm aware of the green paint on her purple dress and yes,... Continue Reading →

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