Lovely lavender 

I've been reading the Ruby Red Shoes books to little Lottie and we absolutely love the beautiful description of Ruby's cost caravan. Cups of tea, books to read and cozy blankets to cuddle up in.  It really reminds me of the atmosphere I try to create in our home with lots of cushions, books, handmade... Continue Reading →


Another year begins…

And with it comes new goals and a refreshed sense of purpose. I was lucky enough to receive an oil painting set from my husband for Christmas. I watched everything I could find on YouTube and Pinterest about oils (I've only worked with watercolour and drawing) and tried a few simple paintings to get familiar... Continue Reading →

All is calm, all is bright

December is such a whirlwind. Family, friends, shopping, cooking, noise, wrapping up at work and keeping up at home knocked the wind out of my sails this year.  Regardless of the manic moments leading up to the day, this Christmas was wonderful. Watching our little angel poke at her presents on Christmas Eve and fuss... Continue Reading →

Making time…

I haven't posted to my blog in a while. Tbh - I haven't felt like it. Or writing in my journal. Or doing much of anything. A messy product launch and major stress at work will do that 😕 But I'm going to fix it. Starting now by making time for me. Journaling, blogging, going... Continue Reading →

Towards Spring 

The florist near my work writes these nice little quotes on her chalk board every day. The little quotes and pretty flowers make me happy when I go for a walk during my work day. And the beautiful weather we've had lately makes everything better. Liz x

August means Birthdays!

It's all about the birthday parties this month. Our little lady has back to back parties and is loving every minute of celebrating with her friends. Her writing skills are coming along great and we make a special point of Lottie writing her friend's name on their card all by herself.  I've just booked her... Continue Reading →

We’re Back!

My little family has been visiting extended family and exploring England and France over the past few weeks. I really took the time to step away from my phone (and blog and email) and breathe. Travel is such a wonderful experience for kids. Watching Lottie's face light up meeting her cousins in London for the... Continue Reading →

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